Our Guiding Principles

In all areas of the business, we are led by a set of guiding principles.

  • Client Focus: our client’s interests come first

  • Reputation: our reputation is one of our most important assets, which we will always work hard to protect and enhance

  • Integrity and Transparency: we will always act with integrity and transparency and be governed by robust corporate governance

  • Superior Returns Through Alignment: our goal is to provide superior returns for our investors, in a way that is sustainable for our operating partners

  • Responsible Investor: we take our social corporate responsibility seriously and wish to be a positive ambassador and agent for change within our industry

  • Professional Excellence: we strive to achieve the highest professional standards and work quality; we are dedicated and work hard

  • Creativity and Innovation: we take pride in our flexible and creative approach to solve complex situations; we put product innovation at the centre of our business

  • Diverse, Collegiate, Teamwork, Meritocracy: we believe teamwork and diversity are key ingredients for success; we are governed by a principle of meritocracy and encourage professional growth and personal development for all our people

  • Discreet: we take confidentiality of information very seriously

We believe these principles produce the best results for all our stakeholders, including:

  • A safe environment for the residents and staff of the operators and tenants we partner with

  • Superior value and security for our investors

  • Sustainable growth for the operators and tenants we partner with

  • Positive social value from investing in the heathcare and care sector

  • An inclusive and supportive environment for all our people