Built to provide access to the growing UK healthcare real estate sector

Elevation is a specialist asset manager and investor in the UK healthcare real estate sector

Elevation acts as a conduit for global institutional capital wanting to gain access to the fragmented UK healthcare real estate sector.  In doing so, Elevation is a serial financier to a growing, yet inefficient and underserved market which provides significant positive social impact.

What sets Elevation apart 
from its competitors

Elevation strives to deliver unparalleled competence and intelligence, market leading asset management services and robust shareholder risk-adjusted returns over cycles.  The Elevation team brings together a wealth of complimentary expertise and know-how in real estate investment and asset management across REIT and non-REIT structures, real estate development, care and healthcare facilities operations, lending to healthcare credits across the capital structure and related structuring.

Elevation has an investment philosophy focused on a personalised and creative long term approach with our operator relationships, based on deep understanding of their business model.  We aim to share best practices and contribute to their growth plans.

For operators and developers

Elevation has built a range of financing options ranging from sale and leaseback financing to equity investment in development and operational assets.


Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles are transparency and alignment of interest with our investors, flexibility and sustainability with our operating partners, positive engagement and advocacy with our industry. We believe these principles will produce the best results for all our stakeholders, including a safe environment for residents and staff, sustainable growth for our operating partners and value and security for our investors.